Should Kids Be Taught Sex-Ed In Schools

Discussing the topic of sex with children makes most adults cringe. It is common among parents to dodge the questions of young ones relating to the topic. In conventional households, it is considered to be a taboo. The question arises if not parents then who can children trust when it comes to sex education. The answer is school. Schools are the institutions created to educate and train young ones not only for career perspective but for a better life.

The sex education in school differs for different age groups.  For example, the young people studying in second grades need to understand the ‘inappropriate touching’ whereas teens need to know about unsafe sex and risk of pregnancies.

There are some people who are highly supportive of the idea of giving sex education in schools whereas there are a few who object to it. The argument is that children are exposed to the topic at a premature age. Let’s understand why educating children at school is important and not risky.powerful-education

Learned choices:
It is a fact that children will come to know about sex in one way or another. Sometimes they will be curious to find out things even before they are matured enough to handle them. Many parents are hesitant to discuss the subject with their children resulting young ones to turn to unreliable sources such as the internet. Graphic images and misinforming articles permeate the internet today and it can cause a serious harm. Therefore, schools can be trusted to educate a child in a proper manner to understand ethics of sexuality.

Reducing risk of unwanted pregnancies and STDs:
imparting knowledge about safe sex and STDs is very important. As per the statistics, the rate of teenage pregnancies has diminished over the years. This can be accredited to the sex education plans adopted by schools on a wide level. Teenagers are highly volatile emotionally and physically. At this age, it becomes very convenient to have multiple partners. The risk of transmitting and attaining STDS remains very high. Therefore, the importance of knowing the causes and prevention of these diseases increases manifolds. Teaching teens about fertility and risk of attaining STDs have become systematic and programmed due to school sex education plans.

Safe usage of contraception:
The best way to prevent an unintended pregnancy is the usage of the contraception. The female birth control options have aggrandized at a rapid speed. The condoms have been an easy and accessible option for the holding-pills-in-containercontraception. Condoms have a very high rate of success. However, teenagers can be careless enough not to use one. Using birth control pills is also a complex process and requires attention. The pills have to be taken regularly in order to be effective. Some people argue that instead of teaching teens about the birth control they should be taught self-restraint. Let us all accept the fact that teenagers are hormonal and they are likely to have sex. Therefore, instead of trying to put them on a leash making them educated is a better option.

Hey there! Sexual education is getting more of a necessity nowadays and we somehow need to be educated about it in limited terms. It involves the education about human emotions and followed responsibilities with the complete explanation of the process, followed by the understanding of the right age, the risks involved, safety, reproduction, etc. In the past century, this subject was never given importance to the extent of discussion with even the adolescents.

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