Role of Educators and Parents in sex Education

We all hesitate to discuss sex education but we do so because we and our society have made it like this only. But now as the new generation children lives on their own values so it’s important for educators and parents to discuss openly about sex education which is all about development of a body, sexual relationship, reproduction, healthy sex and rights, safe sex, abstinence, birth control etc. so that they get the right direction that helps them to make smart choices about sex and relationships.

Each and every value start from home and then from schools and that’s why the parents and educators can play a major role in guiding their child about effective, social, respectful and inculcating the familial values about sex education.

Steps need to be taken by Parents and educators:

Parents are the best ever guidance for their child and teacher can also teach sex education but only in terms of biology but parents can teach effective sex education. Besides inculcating religious, cultural and social values, it is important for parents as well as educators to provide sufficient information about sex education.

The survey has revealed that most of the children who delay in engaging sexually are those whose parents discuss all aspects 2013_june_ideas_workingparentswishlist_image011of sex education with their child and the parents who are afraid of discussing on this matter, their children often involved in sex at an early age.

 Hence, its parent’s responsibility to make an approach for an open discussion on sex education with your child, share your experience so that your child can easily be focused on the right path and able to solve practical issues. This will keep your adults away from consequences of negative sexual health and aware your child about sexual abuse, pregnancies at an early age can be avoided, your young child will become a responsible adult.

With these communications, the bond will also get strong between child and parent and also they will start sharing social issues related to sex or the problems that they are facing.

Promote Sex Education among youth

  • In schools also, teachers should take an initiative to give sessions on effective and healthy sex education this would help parents also to comfortably engage in this conversation with their young adults.
  • Educators should organize healthy and respectful debates in schools and colleges because youth is the only way to promote health sexual values in a society.
  • New learning and teaching programs should be conducted in schools where students, educators, parents and health professionals, altogether provide relative information about sex education. There should be friendly discussion about how one can prevent sexually transmitted stop-hiv-3x2infections such as HIV and other infections, talk about abstinence along with decision making skills.
  • Provide knowledge about reproductive organs, especially to males about functioning of female reproductive system, clear them every aspect by showing them videos so that they start respecting women.
  • And the best way to guide your child about sex education is by citing some good examples that can help your child to develop positive and healthy attitude towards sex.

You are not always with your child and you are totally unaware of his or her behavior towards sex and to ensure your child should stay away from sexually transmitted infections or should not engage in sex before the appropriate age or should not get addicted to sex, you need to bridge the communication gap and promote healthy sex education.


Hey there! Sexual education is getting more of a necessity nowadays and we somehow need to be educated about it in limited terms. It involves the education about human emotions and followed responsibilities with the complete explanation of the process, followed by the understanding of the right age, the risks involved, safety, reproduction, etc. In the past century, this subject was never given importance to the extent of discussion with even the adolescents.

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